Recent Works   

 ŠKODA TV advertisement  

 Company: FILMSTRO

 Music arrangement/production: 

 Yumi Mashiki  


My musical arrangement of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata', created for FILMSTRO, is currently showing on tv and in cinemas in Škoda's latest adverts, featuring Bradley Wiggins, British Olympic cyclist.

 Japan Action & Inspiration  (2020)

Company: West One Music Group

Music: Yumi Mashiki & Victor Hugo Fumagalli


Production music album featured a hybrid sound of modern electronic and Japanese traditional instrumentation.

 Disappearing Wormwood  (2020)

Director: Tereza Stehlíková & Steven J Fowler

Music: Yumi Mashiki  


Film premiere at the Whitechapel Gallery, London on 30th January!

Tickets available here.

"A cinematic witnessing (63 mins, 2020) of London living through aberrant, awkward, ugly change, but mostly dying in the process. Filmed over the last half decade, exploring the overlooked aesthetic power of Willesden Junction, Wormwood scrubs, Kensal Green Cemetery and The Grand Union Canal, the film strives to see a closer place, alien, idiosyncratic and yet familiar..."

 TIMIO  (2019)

Company: TIMIO B.V.

Music arrangement/compositions: 

Yumi Mashiki  


TIMIO the educational audio and music player for younger children is now available!

​It includes my compositions and arrangements of international children's songs.

"I am very impressed by Yumi's ability to enhance the atmosphere, the underlaying intention of the film, and even draw it out further… I have worked with many different musicians over the years and she is one of the composers that came the closest to capturing the essence of what I am after. An intuitive understanding that is rather rare."


Tereza Stehlíková, Filmmaker/Director of

'Across the Unseen Sea', 'TRIESTE: In between states'.

 Ophelia (film trailer)   (2018)

Director: Tereza Stehlíková 

Music: Yumi Mashiki  

Ophelia Trailer

 TRIESTE: In between states  (2016)

 Director: Tereza Stehlíková 

 Music: Yumi Mashiki  

An impressionistic documentary about Trieste by Tereza Stehlíková

(a collaboration with a writer Deborah Levy)

Showcased at Whitechapel Gallery in London in December 2016.

 From Primary Senses  (2018)

Artist: Linda Dennis

Soundscape: Yumi Mashiki

​Soundscapes for the exhibition 'From Primary Senses' at ARToba gallery in the lovely seaside town, Toba, Japan. Works were made during a Toba based artist residency in the summer of 2018.

11th Nov 2018 - 17 Jan 2019

​ARToba gallery

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